Delete Windows temporary files


Delete Windows temporary files

we explain step by step how to delete Windows temporary files quickly and securely.

There are several ways to delete Windows temporary files, here we will mention two, one manually and quickly, and another through a program that you can install on your computer for free.

Delete temporary Windows files manually:

1. Close all open programs and windows.

2. Click Start –> Run and type %TEMP% and accept, be sure to type the percentage symbols (%) before and after TEMP.

3. A window will open with the contents of all Windows temporary files, select them all with CTRL+A and delete them with the DELETE key.

4. Empty the recycle bin

If some files cannot be deleted, restart the computer in Test Mode and follow the instructions above.

Delete temporary files with CCleaner:
CCleaner is a free program that you can download from the official website and install on your computer, once run select the files you want to delete and click the Analyze button and then Run cleaner.