History of Gold and Gold Rates

Gold a precious metal and Gold is used as a standard of currency in any country. To understand the value of Gold one can simply say that a country can issue as many currency notes for their country as many gold reservoirs they have in their central bank.

What is difference in 24 Caret and 22 Caret?

The 100% pure form of Gold is 24 Caret. Mostly Gold as a reservoir is kept in the form of 24 carets in the shape of big tiles. A few years ago it was almost impossible to make jewelry of Gold with 24 carets. But thanks to the latest machinery now which is used by many companies for offering Gold Jewelry in 24 carets. Most Gold is mixed with other metals to strengthen the shapes and reduced the level of Gold to 22 carets, 21 carets, 20 carets, and 18 carets.

Location 24k 10g 24k per Tola 22k 10g

Gold Rates in UAEGold Rates in UAE

Gold is a Soft & Precious Metal

Gold is a soft metal and in one Quebec feet contains 1200 pounds of Gold weight. Gold is one of those few metals which can be molded easily.

What is a symbol of Gold & Boiling point of Gold

The symbol of Gold is Au and the boiling point of Gold is 2,700 centigrade.

Why Gold is so Expensive?

People think there are three main reasons why gold is so expensive.

Beauty of Gold

The benefits of Gold in multiple things e.g. motherboards of computers, Gold is also used in the board making of Apple Mobile.
The Gold is Unique Metal in the World

What are measurements of Gold?

Gold is normally measured in grams, tola, Kg and Tons. Grams is a smaller unit for Gold measurement and Tola is a big unit of Gold measurement in daily life. For a country level transaction of Gold is also dealt in Tons. Following are the calculations for Gold measurements.
1 tola of gold = 11.6638 grams
1 Kg of Gold = 1000 grams
1 Tons of Gold = 907.185 Kilograms

Who decides value of Gold?

One most commonly asked question from the economists and treasury specialists is that “Why Gold is so expensive?” and “Who decides the value of Gold?” Well, the reality is there is no single organization which decides value of Gold, but as per demand and supply of Gold, the rate is decided. Also how many expenses are occurred on mining of Gold effects the value of Gold Prices in different countries.

Where are Biggest Reservoirs of Gold in World?

The biggest and infect more than 50% of Gold reservoirs are found in South Africa mines. The first time in 1866 the biggest reservoirs of Gold were found in South Africa. Now from the last many years, Gold mining is also started in the USA, China, Canada, and Pakistan.