Instagram Tips and Tricks makes your life easier

1. Publish more than 30 hashtags

There is a way to add more than 30 hashtags; This trick is for those who would like to add more than 30 hashtags and up-to 60 hashtags to their photos and videos on Instagram.

You will need to follow these steps and give your posts better visibility.

Publish your photos as you would usually do. Please ensure that there are no hashtags in the description, else this trick will not work.

First, copy and paste 30 hashtags into a comment on your photo or video.
After you have done this, you can go back and edit the description of your photo and add the other 30 hashtags.

you are done!

2. Research hashtags for your posts

Some hashtags that you can use are pretty obvious, but they are precisely those hashtags that are used too often, and your publications can drown in them. Some hashtags like #hairstyles may be relevant to your post, but this hashtag alone includes 29 million photos. Your photos can be lost in a few seconds.


Instagram Tips and Tricks makes your life easier


Always Use popular hashtags that are not overly used. The trick is to research Instagram properly.

All you have to do is start with a common hashtag. I chose the #hairstyleforgirls hashtag for this example. Then scroll down.

See how #hairstylest has only 120,000. This hashtag might be a better option. You can easily find more hashtags like this by simply scrolling down to get more suggestions every time you search for a common hashtag.

You can keep going until you have found your 60 hashtags. It may take a while, but with this, you’ll get better results and more interaction.

3. Saving hashtags for future use

Don’t panic if you forget your most essential hashtags if you often use the same hashtags for your photos or videos
save them in note application on your mobile device

it’s simple to create hashtags categories in note application: Business, Phrases, Personal
add all your most essential hashtags to the relevant category and whenever you share, open the note application from your mobile and copy-paste into your posts

4. Hide hashtags on Instagram posts

the best way is to hide hashtags is put it in the comments section once new comment arrives your hashtags hide automatically

Another trick is to Hide those hashtags using “.” and spaces. All you have to do is save them in your notes like this.


Instagram Tips and Tricks makes your life easier


5. Capturing traffic

Getting traffic to a website is complicated because you cannot share a clickable link in the text of a photo. A good trick is to mention the post in the text and invite users to click on the link in your profile. Experience tells us that it works.

The other way to do this is to put the link in the text and ask users to copy-paste. It also often works, though, with this method, it is more difficult to track, as clicks will not appear as coming from Instagram in analytics. In this situation, it will be useful to work with specific campaign links or other methods that allow traceability.

both methods have worked pretty well for us, hope it will work for you as well.