Tips to look younger

Look more youthful is a need of society, highly developed in both women and men. Everyone wants to look younger, but no one knows how to do that exactly.

So here are a few interesting tricks and tips to look younger than his age.

Opt for a light make-up

For all the women who like makeup, the important to look younger than his age, is opting for a make-up light and natural. You can put a lot of makeup to hide what you don’t like. However, it is necessary to choose colors and combinations of natural.

Tips to look younger

Have a trendy haircut

It is often with the hair cut a person that it is possible to locate the average age. To look younger, so choose an actual hair cut that frames your face. Straight hair and a little longer often give a style is more young.

Wear clothes that are more youth

Depending on your age, it should not of course exaggerate in the choice of clothing more young people. However, it is possible to have the style and look younger without having to wear clothes that are outdated or not appropriate for her figure. Let it fall between the other large motifs, lace and cutters that are too big. Wear close-fitting clothing, classic or elegant, which are of course trends.

Have a good diet

For having beautiful skin and a healthy body and thus appear more youthful, it is necessary to eat well by eating a lot of fruits and vegetables as well as protein and dairy products. It is also necessary to drink plenty of water.

Physical exercise to look younger

Physical exercise keeps us young that is a fact. To stay fit, flexible and firm, it is necessary to move see the same train every day. Don’t be afraid of a well tone your body. Seem younger than his age thanks to the physical exercise, it works!

how to look younger

Take care of your skin

To look younger, the skin is, of course, an important element to take into consideration. To keep her skin young, it is necessary to take care of it. Every day, use a moisture-rich day cream that protects from the sun, in the evening, a night cream, regenerative, as well as an eye cream for dark circles and signs of aging. Also, don’t forget to always well you remove makeup.

Avoid the sun to look younger

The sun is not good for the skin and is more rider. In order not to look older than his real age, do not spend long hours in the sun or to the tanning salon.

Avoid cigarette smoking

In addition to being very harmful to health, smoking gives the skin look very dull, grey and tired. With the face also pale, you will look automatically older. To look young, or at least your age, it is necessary to avoid the cigarette. A board that is designed for both men and women!

Sleep well, this is important!

To look younger, it is important not to have dark circles of fatigue around the eyes. To do this, you must give importance to your sleep. Try to sleep a good 8 hours a night with regular sleep schedule and you will see a difference.

Interested in the novelties of life

To look younger is more than a mere question of appearance. It is also a matter of perception. If you’re old game and you never interested in anything that is happening now, you will not be ” in “. To look younger, and be aware of new trends, new methods or new technologies.