Natural Antibiotics

Do you know about natural antibiotics at home?

Prescription Best natural antibiotics, such as penicillin, have helped people recover from deadly diseases since the 1940s. However, about 1 in 15 people are allergic to this type of drug, and 1 in 10 suffer from side effects that mainly affect the digestive system. In addition, there is increasing evidence that some diseases or infections no longer respond to antibiotics.

However, some natural antibiotics products are traditionally known for their effectiveness in fighting certain infections. Indeed, people have been using these natural remedies for thousands of years. Here are some natural antibiotics to add to your pharmacy.

The benefits of honey as an natural antibiotic

Honey has been known for thousands of years as a powerful antibiotic, as well as having antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. To treat an injury or burn, it can simply be applied to the wound once it has been cleaned.

Internally, it can be added to water, tea or herbal tea to take advantage of its antibiotic and respiratory softening properties.

An natural antibiotic made from grapefruit seeds

Grapefruit seed extract is an excellent natural antibiotic. It has antiseptic, anti-fungal and antiviral properties. Grapefruit seed extract can fight gastrointestinal diseases, yeast infections, fungal infections, urinary tract infections, flu, and many others. It can also be used to disinfect wounds and treat warts.

Ginger as natural antibiotics

Many people enjoy its warm and spicy taste in cooking, but ginger is just as useful for healing. Its antibiotic properties will help you fight food poisoning, certain respiratory and oral diseases. It can be used fresh or dried, and even in the form of liquid concentrate (mother tincture).

To make a herbal tea with ginger powder, simply add a good tablespoon in a cup of boiling water, which you will drink slowly in small sips. This tea will also help in case of nausea caused by pregnancy or chemotherapy treatments.

Garlic is an effective natural antibiotic

Like ginger, many of us use it in cooking to add flavour and spice to our recipes. But did you know that it is also used in traditional medicine as an antibiotic? Indeed, garlic is an effective natural antibiotic in addition to being antiviral, antifungal. It is regularly used to fight bronchitis ,remedies for acne cure, and other respiratory tract infections.

To fully benefit from its virtues, it is preferable to consume fresh garlic, either by adding it to our diet or in the form of liquid concentrate. But for those who have difficulty digesting it, it is also available in more digestible tablets.

Cranberry, a natural antibiotic against urinary tract infections

This small red fruit that grows in North America is a natural antibiotic that is particularly useful against urinary tract infections.

Cranberries can prevent them, but also cure them thanks to one of its components, proanthocyanidin. Available in capsules, it is also very effective in pure and organic juice.

The tea tree, a natural antibiotic for ENT diseases

In addition to treating skin diseases, tea tree essential oil can help heal coughs caused by the flu and colds. To take advantage of its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, it is consumed orally, with 2 drops added to honey, 3 times a day.

Treating the cold with lemon

Lemon, in addition to being full of vitamin C, has antiseptic properties. These two properties will help you fight colds and other winter infections. The best way to consume it is in the form of juice extracted from fresh fruit, or to eat it in a fruit salad.

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