Exercises to lose weight fast

Best Exercises to Lose Weight Fast

To lose weight, of course, you have to move! Losing calories will help you to lose weight! On the other hand, some specific exercises will also help you! Not only will they burn calories, but they will also tone your muscles and skin.You also need to maintain your diet with exercises

1. Jumping high knees

Stand up and start jumping by lifting your knees as high as possible. One knee at a time, you lift it as high as possible by jumping. And you do that as long as possible. Very good for cardio.

2. Squat with a chair to lose weight

Stand right in front of the chair, Raise your arms in the air, and cross your arms on the top of your shoulders. Keeping the palms of your hands inward. Lower your buttocks to the chair, then go up again, do it several times.

3. The bridge exercise

Lie on the ground (on your back) with your feet flat (so knees bent). Cross your legs and lift your buttocks. At the same time, raise your arm while holding a dumbbell. Lower your buttocks to the ground and bring the weight back close to your head. Go up, down, and so on.

4. Throwing a heavy balloon on the wall

Buy a heavy ball designed for training and throw it to the wall with all your strength. You must immediately catch him up. Do it several times. You’ll see how much more demanding it is than we think.

5. Spiderman plank for good weight loss

Get on the ground like you’re going to do push-ups. Always keep your knee straight, bring your knee to the side as close as possible to your shoulder. Your foot will, therefore, be a little higher. Then return to the starting position and do several repetitions for each leg.

6. Jumping on the edge of a sidewalk

Stand in the street, in front of a sidewalk. Jump on the sidewalk with one foot and immediately jump back to change feet. Your two feet should never be on the same floor, the other foot up on the sidewalk, and so on.

7. Do the scissors exercise

Raise your legs to the sky; simply scissor your legs, the longer you do it, the more it will burn, do it for about a minute. Repeat several times for each leg.

8. Skipping Exercise To Lose Weight Fast

The dancing rope is excellent for losing calories and, therefore, weight! Make it every day, and it will be an excellent fat burner for you! You will see, losing weight can be very simple.

9. Punching in the air

It doesn’t seem so, but just punching in the air makes cardio work a lot! It is an excellent exercise that requires no equipment.

10. Jumping jack exercise

You jump when you are doing the chisel. In other words, you jump by spreading your arms and legs apart. Very good for cardio and weight loss.