Ethereum mining is set to resume after a temporary suspension due to the recent spike in demand for the cryptocurrency.

The Ethereum network was temporarily suspended on March 13th due to a massive influx of transactions. The network was overwhelmed and Ethereum miners were unable to keep up with the demand. As a result, the network was unable to process new transactions and the Ethereum blockchain was temporarily frozen.

In response to the network congestion, Ethereum miners were asked to temporarily stop mining and to reduce the amount of transactions they were processing. This was done in order to give the network time to catch up and process the backlog of transactions.

Now, Ethereum miners are preparing to resume mining. The Ethereum network is now back to normal and miners are ready to start processing transactions again.

The recent spike in demand for Ethereum has been attributed to the increasing popularity of decentralized finance (DeFi) applications. These applications are built on the Ethereum blockchain and allow users to borrow, lend, and trade cryptocurrencies.

The surge in demand for Ethereum has caused the price of the cryptocurrency to skyrocket. Ethereum is now trading at around $2,000, up from around $1,100 just a few weeks ago.

Ethereum miners are now in a great position to take advantage of the high demand for the cryptocurrency. Miners are able to earn more money for processing transactions and the network is now able to handle the increased demand.

It remains to be seen whether the surge in demand for Ethereum will continue or if it is just a temporary spike. However, Ethereum miners are now in a great position to capitalize on the current demand and make some money.