Huawei says the Mate X is not yet fully ready

Huawei says the Mate X is not yet fully ready

Through its president of the mobile phone product line, Huawei confirmed that the Mate X was not yet market-ready.

Huawei is committed to high-quality requirements

He Gang, president of Huawei’s mobile phone product range, spoke on the subject in a recent interview. During the meeting, he stated that the firm was still “optimizing” and “perfecting” the Mate X. He said: “Everyone must be aware that Huawei’s quality requirements are very high. If it (the foldable smartphone, editor’s note) does not meet the quality requirements, we will not put the products on the market.

The Huawei employee also added: “We have invested a lot in the Mate X. When Samsung’s device comes on the market, this is not an important point to consider. The key point we are considering is to hope that consumers can get this product when they get it. We guarantee high-quality products with good customer experience.

Huawei is therefore rather reassuring by stating that he thinks first of all of his high “quality requirements”, without mentioning the precise date on which the smartphone will finally be launched. While Samsung reported that its problems were mainly due to the design of the Galaxy Fold’s folding screen, the Chinese manufacturer reported delays related to 5G. In any case, it is certain that both companies have faced difficulties inherent in offering innovative and new technology

Samsung and Huawei are in the race to be the first manufacturer in the world to unveil a smartphone equipped with a foldable screen. For its part, the Korean company is expected to unveil its Galaxy Fold in September, the month in which its Chinese competitor is also expected to begin marketing Mate X.